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I have done many different things in my life. I have been a television director, a teacher and a university lecturer. I have lived and worked in Sicily and Rome, travelled more than a million air miles, and been to many countries in the world.

And it has all led me to where I am now, working as a natural therapist on the north coast of New South Wales in Australia, with a full life, loyal clients and the great pleasure of helping people find their way through the confusion and upheaval of human growth.

I see them emerge happy, healthy and prepared to embrace the abundance that life offers them. I love what I do and I am committed to sharing the knowledge I have acquired over the years. The work that I do has evolved into three distinct strands: I am a therapist, a teacher/facilitator, and the happy creator of Live Your Dreams small group tours to Italy.


Most of my clients, though certainly not all, are women between the ages of forty and sixty-five. I work in a number of different therapeutic areas from Shiatsu massage to flower essences to energy treatments. I am particularly interested in the development of women, their spirituality and wisdom and the combination of strength and compassion that they have to offer the world.shiatsu treatment

Often my clients have no idea how powerful they really are. So many of them struggle with the notion that to value oneself and commit to regular self-care is somehow selfish – it is not. We have to be well ourselves to be of service to others. It is not smart or productive to be exhausted all the time, or to be limited by fear. I see people in the clinic who have spent a lifetime looking after the needs of others and who now need to nourish themselves, to be courageous and creative, to embrace joy.

It can be a struggle for some of us to throw off the deep conditioning that teaches us to wrap ourselves around the needs of those around us. And others seem to expect it. They’re comfortable with us in those roles! So perhaps we encounter resistance as we change and go through our growth stages; but life is short and beautiful and we must find the ways to be present for it, to participate fully and to be who we really are, deep down. By doing so we give permission to others to do the same. That is the work that I am committed to doing in my clinic.

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workshopsI love teaching and I have done a lot of it in my life. Diverse subjects too – everything from television production to health issues to conflict resolution, even beginner’s Italian! My special passion is creating an experience so people feel a sense of achievement at accomplishing a skill or discovering a capacity in themselves that they didn’t know they had.

I like working with small, intimate groups where the process is one of understanding and personal transformation for the participants, not simply acquiring information. I run a number of workshops during the year, both in Australia and overseas. Have a look at the workshops on offer and if you are particularly drawn to one, contact me about when and where they will be delivered.

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Italy Tours

Live your dreams ItalyWant to explore the rest of the world, and yourself at the same time? Travel to Italy as a guest on a Live Your Dreams tour. You will be travelling with someone who knows the country, the culture, the people, the wine, the language and the restaurants!! I spend months planning each trip to make sure your experience is unforgettable. Judging from the glowing testimonials from guests it must be working!

Visit www.liveyourdreamsitaly.com

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